do you have two right hands?

I was making good progress last night on mitt number two in this flip-top red wool mitten set, all the way to finishing the thumb shaping and putting thumb sts on scrap yarn.

And then I realized I was still following the directions for the first mitten. The right mitten.

Don't need two right hand mittens! Frog frog rippit.

I picked mitten number two, ripped back to the cuff, up again tonight and started following the left hand mitten shaping instructions. All going well. Until I thought I had forgotten to start crossing the staghorn cable number two and fiddled with the knitting so that the sts crossed properly without tinking back to where the cable should have been crossed. A row or two later and I thought, yeah, I crossed that cable too early and I was right in the first place and.

Tink tink tink. I went back to the proper place, no fiddly shortcuts, and now it's right. I'm only halfway through the thumb increases on mitt number two but at least the increases are coming out on the correct side of the left hand. So I think I'm good from here. I just hate that feeling that I could have had a finished second mitten right now if only I had been paying enough attention. So much for making the best use of my time while listening to speeches on Monday. And before bed last night. And. There is a snowstorm on the way! And I have no new mittens. But I will soon - because next week there are no classes. Knitting time!!


  1. ugh! i HATE when that happens. i haven't cast on for snow white yet because i want to do a tubular cast on and i've tried one before and it's so fiddly, well... just not in the right frame of mind come 8PM on a week day!

    hope you get your second mitten done in time for the storm!


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