WIP: stripey sock redux

Last summer while on holiday in North Carolina I attempted my first sock. I used KP harmony dpns in a size too large for the yarn 2.25 mm, possibly:


Although I was pleased that I learned how to do a toe using short rows and a provisional cast on, I knew it was way too loose to be wearable.

This past Sunday a group of fellow students and I got together for some craftiness - and four of us were knitting socks. I picked up a couple of pairs of smaller circular needles from KP over the holidays, having just learned how to do the magic loop in December. I'm using a size 1 circ now and although things are still a bit loose, overall we're doing much better.



The only smaller needles I have (a set of sock needles from Joann's at some point in different shades of "0") are dpns, but I still might have to try this yarn (ONline Supersocke cotton) with a set of those, for research purposes. I haven't taken a new picture, but I've reached the heel of the first sock and am working on turning it!


  1. Congrats! Socks are fun. Though, honestly, I never got hooked on socks like a lot of knitters are. Maybe if I tried one of those tricky techniques... it's always just been dpns for me. Nice yarn, happy exploring!

  2. i need to learn socks on circulars. and toe-up socks. i always do mine cuff down. seems like it would be easier to fit them toe up. i tried to teach myself magic loop and found myself in a magic loop rage though! but i think my needles were also too large for the project so i wasn't doing myself any favors. maybe you will inspire me to try again.

    oo, also, i saw a really cute shruggy sweater pattern that only calls for a skein and a half a yarn. i will have to try it and send it on to you.


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