WIP: spiral cowl in cashmere

Cast on for this yummy cowl on Wednesday in order to have a small project to work on in a big lecture Thursday - this yarn is soooo soft to work with! The pattern is simple, though I think it should be a multiple of 6 sts plus one so that once you get the first round done you can just k6, k2tog, yo without needing a st marker to tell you where the row ends and you have to muddle with the number of sts very briefly. I think that would work. Anyway it was icy and frosty cold this week so I want a super cozy, non-bulky piece to wear with my winter coat!

In my previous post I showed the yarn and mentioned where it came from, so all that remains is to show a picture of my progress so far!


Close up:


I like the picot edge, which gives some nice structure to the hem, though it was tricksy to work because I didn't read far enough into the instructions to realize a provisional cast on would have been a good idea. I just knit five rows, then did one row of k2tog, yo, then knit five more rows - and only then realized that I would have to now knit the current row together with the cast on edge. Kind of a pain but it worked out in the end and this is going to be a lovely piece. Plus it will be done in a jiff, if I just ignore my schoolwork and watch a movie tonight :)


  1. I am definately going to try this. Very nice!!


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