WIP: February Lady Sweater

I planned ahead and ordered the yarn for this pattern (My Ravelry project link) so that it would be waiting for me in the mile high city before I arrived there for Christmas. Part of the plan was also that I knit a couple of things that got left behind in the form of gifts, thus creating magic space in my suitcase for the adoption of more wooly goodness.

The yarn is Knitpicks kettle-dyed Wool of the Andes in Wine. Despite getting all the same dyelot there is a huge difference between skeins. Two or three of the eight I bought have almost no variation in the color, while the rest are lovely. So toward the bottom of the body lace section I alternated skeins for a few inches. Mildly annoying, but I don't think anyone will really notice when all's said and done. Size 8 needles, my trusty KP Options, as per usual.

Here's the garter stitch collar (it's knit top down) as it looked in late December...

And it has grown up quite a bit since then! The lace pattern is lovely and simple to memorize.

The color in that last picture appears slightly more saturated than the yarn really is, but it's lovely in real life too.

You may also be thinking, but girl, wasn't your last cardigan dark red? Yes, yes it was. But the yarn was heathered and not a semi-solid, and also I thought this yarn might be slightly pinker. What can I say? I like red.


  1. beautiful! i can't wait to see how this fits you - i've only knit the baby version!

  2. Red suits you. I love the "lady sweater" idea... I plan on knitting another of the baby version next month. But maybe I'll make time in the post-baby itenerary to try for the lady version as well!

  3. Wasn't it you who pointed out to me how many red sweaters and tops I own?

    I've waffled about this pattern for awhile, some versions look much nicer then others, and I'm uncertain how I feel about that much garter stitch. Yours looks to be one of the nice ones! I especially like the color...


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