death of my size 1 harmony circulars.

Thanks for the positive sock feedback, all. Sadly, last night I managed to snap one of the birch needle tips of my size 1 circ in two. You would think I'd know better than to put my weight on top of the project bag (which concealed my wee sock project) as I hopped on to the bed to look at finishing my cashmere cowl, but no. SNAP! I had just turned the heel earlier this week and the sock actually fit, though I'm still aware it should be knit on smaller needles. Of course I lent my set of size 1 dpns to another new sock knitter friend, so I don't have that backup. I won't be buying small wooden circs anymore, for sure, I shouldn't have spent the (tiny bit) extra on the Harmony ones over Christmas. It's so sad when tools get busted before they've even produced one finishing project.

Anyway. Sock is on hold, cowl is very nearly finished (What with me running out of yarn any minute) and the lady sweater has a completed body and the first sleeve is being worked on. I'm a bit dull for pictures right now, but here is the cowl as it was last weekend or so:


Oh, and I forgot! Signing into Flickr just reminded me - over a few days around New Years while in Ottawa I picked up some cotton and knit a couple of dishcloths for a friend in Halifax who had been lamenting the worn out state of her current ones. Not a knitter herself, she relies on others to periodically replenish her supply. I think I might have crocheted a few dishcloths back in the day, but I'm not sure if I've ever knit any. It was no big thing to come up with a couple of simple patterns thanks to Ravelry and to do these in a couple of days:


I thought that having the color of one be the accent of the other was both a good use of yarn and a nice way to present a gift.

May your weekend knitting be free from snapped needles and full of happy clicking.


  1. Lara, I have a 1.5 ml audi turbo circluar you could have for socks, if you'd like me mail it to you, it's the 20 inch length.


  2. Having been inspired by a friend's knitting blog, I now have one of my own.

  3. I'm eagerly awaiting your finished cowl before I start mine. Lookin' good.


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