WIP: minimalist cardigan - nearly seamed!

Wow. I just looked at the blog and realized I haven't posted any work-in-progress pictures for about two months, at least. I didn't look further back than the beginning of October, I couldn't bear it. There has been a little secret knitting but also there has been NO TIME for knitting!! Ok, when I say "no time" (insert air quotes) what I really mean is not enough time.

Minimalist cardigan is my reward for reaching certain word count thresholds on my current 5000 word research paper though, so while the kettle is heating up I will post the most recent pictures! Here she is with the sides seamed to the back piece:


And here we can pretend this is something like what it'll be with sleeves:


To tell the truth, the sleeves are now set in but I haven't photographed it again, and I've got one sleeve seamed, one more to go, and am working on fixing the neckband bit. I'd really like to finish this today and get it blocking so it can come on holiday journeys which start this Friday!

Oh, I also photographed the lace ribbon scarf again in slightly better light, so here are a couple of those shots:



Those colors are looking a bit more accurate. I love the color of this yarn!! Back to my word counting - in just a few days my school obligations will be met and then there will be much knitting and it will be very exciting! Happy December, all :)

Oh, and for Twilight fans! (who are knitters): check out Subliminal Rabbit's pattern for Bella's mittens -- I am so impressed with how fast she got this together - and it's a free pattern!! There's a movie still there as well that shows Kristen Stewart wearing them in a scene - I think she's standing by her awesome old truck. Enjoy!


  1. okay, now i feel super-ashamed that my mini-cardi is still languishing in the "unseamed" pile. maybe that will be this weekend's project!

    and thanks for the shout-out - you're SO sweet!

  2. I love the sweater.

    I need more words in my 5000 word paper.

  3. pretty scarf! i wear mine all the time. thinking of doing a much longer one also so i can wrap it more times, that was a great portable project.


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