WIP: Hemlock Ring Blanket

I haven't been able to blog about this even though I started it weeks and weeks ago, just in case. If you're on Ravelry you might have seen it, but here it has been quite hush hush.

I've been working on a Hemlock Ring Blanket in some yummy natural lanolin-licious Nova Scotian wool, undyed, minimally processed - I picked up 6 skeins at the local farmer's market awhile back with this project in mind.


Great value, great yardage, and straight from the source: Lismore Sheep Farm.


This is the blanket in early November. It's a lot farther along now - I'm working on the edging at long last - but it has been tricky to photograph because it has grown so much. I didn't have a cable needle long enough so I have two 32 inch KP cables with size 9 needle tip on one end and a smaller one on the other - as long as I have the correct size in my right hand to control the size of the stitches it's coming out beautifully as a fudgy fix for the situation - and I bought another size 9 cable needle at my local LYS as a stopgap measure as well.

I hope this doesn't take an age to block as it's quite a late gift already!