FO: a better bucket

Hat! After finishing the Tilted Blocks scarf and with only a carry-on bag to my name I desperately needed a new project! After much investigating of the availability of Malabrigo in the Los Angelos area (disappointing!) SubliminalRabbit and I found a decent selection at the Compatto Yarn Salon. The LYS staff were welcoming and fabulous, I would highly recommend stopping in.

I was looking for something purple-ish to complement my verging-on-lime-green wool winter duffle coat (now in its fourth year of service, great value!) - and this was a standout:


Velvet grapes. I got started straight away on the Better Bucket Hat pattern (pattern lower down on page, available as pdf) (Ravely link):


And this pattern is fabulous:


Happy days. Purple hat to go with green coat, warm liner for coat hood. I am ready for bitter Atlantic Canada, and I've had my first chance to knit with Malabrigo. I have a skein of laceweight but it is just sitting purdy on my shelf for now.

Happy holidays!!


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