ready for an FO

I'm really ready for an FO. I have a number of things OTN currently, and will list only the ones I have actually picked up and worked on in the last ... week or possibly two:

Shapely Tank
Eyelet Chemise
Branching Out
Roped Shell

and now I have a new one for you - case on on the way to the airport (spent a week in Portland) and made excellent progress:


(and I promise, knitting it in the same color is a total coincidence! Normally I have nothing to do with the color sample are knitted up in!) So far, she looksa like this:


Isn't she pretty? Let's get another look at that leafy detail (apparently reminiscent of a Linden tree):


I'm nearly to the point where I can divide for the front and back, and this thing is practically knitting itself. The lace repeat was super easy to learn (even if I had to guess at the charted symbols, since my copy did not have the key from the back of the Elsebeth Lavold pattern book) and it worked up really fast in the lovely Silky Wool.

In other happy news, the Eyelet Chemise managed to dry while I was away (the bamboo rocks but took like three days to fully dry - I will say that we've been having a ton of rain in the Northeast.) and I have one sleeve already knitted, the second cast on, and I plan to finish that piece up tonight. If I'm really on the ball I can block the sleeves - they should take less time to dry, I imagine! Then there will be a bit of crocheted edging and possible hunting for buttons. and then an FO! this is the one that is most likely to get finished up first.

Lovely rainy evening for watching a DVD and working on that second sleeve! Hurrah!


  1. Definitely pretty. That yarn looks so yum.


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