FO: Eyelet Chemise

Finished up in time to debut on my birthday.


I’m really pleased with how lovely and drapey this piece is - and was disappointed to have the back of it ‘grow’ several inches over the course of a day at the office. I haven’t found a ribbon yet to run under the bust which might help with this problem. I’m also thinking of getting some nylon thread or something to run through the sts at the shoulders to help reinforce them. I kitchenered the shoulders rather than seaming them and I hope I don’t regret that!!


I knit the body quite a bit longer than called for in the pattern, and now that it’s stretching out during wear it really comes lower than written in the pattern - but I found when I put it back on the second day the yarn had contracted once again and it was shorter. I’ll be careful with 100% bamboo in the future, but it does have fabulous drape and is very soft.

I have a rotten pic of the back but I'll spare you. It's rather difficult to photograph your own back, I've discovered. What I wouldn't give for a dressform like subliminalrabbit's.

I'm also making progress on Tilia:


A sleeve has been started. What can I say, I needed the element of portability in yesterday's knitting. So I cast on for the sleeve and worked the chart bit before heading out for some socializing. I have abandoned the front for a bit in order to work the back part - the short rows I put in for the front seem to be totally in the wrong place (too close to the armscythe), and since the pattern called for no bust shaping anyway, I'm going to work the back and try it on backwards to see if I even need the short rows, and if I do, I'll figure out exactly where they should be and frog back a bit.


  1. so very pretty! and good to know about the bamboo... i've had similar issues with silk, but in the other direction - grows wider. ><

  2. That's adorable! It seems like every project has some hitch, doesn't it? But it's nice to see you made it work. Really lovely. Congrats!


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