WIP: Eyelet Chemise

I'm busting along on the Eyelet Chemise [Ravelry link] (IK Summer 2006) today. It has been languishing, largely a victim of the fact that it is quite heavy and not-so-portable, not helped by being knit directly off a one pound cone of bamboo. No matter what you do, this project is going to weigh a pound. From the very first stitch, it weight a pound, because that is the nature of the yarn. This weekend, however, is my first entirely free (other than my many and complicated to-do lists) weekend in ... recent memory.

I've been having a Robin Hood marathon and working on this:


I had pretty much reached the armholes before today, so I've done each of the fronts (might have done one last night, actually), and the back. I'm going to have to redo one of the fronts, but I knew that once I'd finished it - following the instructions gave me this:


Doing the second one my way gave me this:


A little smoother on the eyes, wouldn't you say? Other than that, the pattern has been quite well written so far. I've finished the neckline on one side, will finish the other (only a few rows), and then rip back the first front so I can dec my way rather than BO one st three times there at the last decreasing part - why would one want that staircase look? I wondered at first if it might have to do with the crocheted edging to finish it off, so I thought I'd work it both ways and see what I thought. I think my instinct was probably right, and the edging is not going to save the weirdness of such a decrease.

I also made fantastic progress on my Roped Shell [Ravelry link] this week, due to a Monday night meeting that went on for hours. I sat at the back and clicked away:


I also worked on it a bit at a Wednesday night knitting session in the lovely outdoors. How wonderful to be making progress!!


  1. You've convinced me to add Roped shell to the queue, love you're progress pics.

  2. I love the roped shell -- your color choice is so striking! Can't wait to see the FO.


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