FO: Booga Bag

this is delayed but life is busy, what can I say?

I felted, sewed in pockets, forced progressively larger straight knitting needles through four layers of felted wool to make room for icord to get through. and it's great!


I had trouble getting a picture of the bag laying down because McK insisted on standing on it. He liked it too.


It's a nice small handbag size and the colors are nice. Details:

Yarn: Patons Classic Merino, two skeins, 'Retro' colorway.
Needles: size 8
Mods: cast on 50% extra sts for base, worked extra rows until I felt it was big enough and knit a couple of swatch sized scraps with extra yarn to felt for pockets. Definitely glad I did that.

Even more details
Before felting my bag measured 17 inches wide approx (16" at base, 18" at opening); 12.5" high
Base was 13" wide, 6" high
large pocket was 8"x8.5"
small pocket was 9"x4.5"
icord was about 80"

After felting bag measured about
13.5" wide, 7" high from base to opening,
Base is 9.5" wide, 5" high
icord is about 70"

These measurements are not scientific, and may have been conducted under less than ideal circumstances. Still, I hope they're helpful if you're thinking about felting a bag.

In other news, I have fallen way way beyond behind with my crafty bloglines... I was down pretty much into single digits a couple of weeks ago but then things happened like ten year high school reunion and friends from out of town visiting who I don't see often enough, and then the next weekend TK was home from Denver for the weekend for a wedding and I couldn't not see him if it were humanly possible, and this weekend subliminal rabbit has been in town from the far away west coast so it was necessary to go out for drinks and dessert, obviously. good, good fun.

there is much planning on knitting for upcoming beach vacation and hopefully I'll get a minute to elaborate on what is being planned (or hypothesized) for possible knitting projects to take along -- I even swatched tonight. and it's blocking. and if there's sun tomorrow there might be pictures. fun fun!


  1. fun! see you are a busy bee as always.

    it's almost july! which means it's almost time for you to visit portland!

    my last day of my contract job is this friday, and i'll be freelancing after that so my schedule should be flexible for lots of touring portland and definitely some margaritas and yummy food. :)

  2. it was wonderful visiting and i'm so glad i got to see your adorable apartment before you go on your next adventure!

    i am almost done with that hat so thank goodness i bought a skein of handspun in sugar hill, because there is NOTHING to do in this area of tennessee without a car. if only my VPN server would work properly, i could, well, work.

    miss you!


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