felting party (pic heavy!)

last week CK and I arranged a day off together and had fun with felting! We had a couple of salvaged sweaters and our finished Booga Bags.

We put each piece into a pillow case and washed them all on hot in the washer with a couple of cotton towels thrown on top to weigh things down. I had knitted two small pockets and we had our two i-cords which went into the last pillowcase and looked pretty funny, divided apart from each other so as to avoid disaster:


I thought it looked pretty funny, anyway. I didn't bother to photograph the other pillowcases, because they just looked like old pillowcases with lumps inside. use your imagination. We went in 10 minute increments, added more hot water from the kettle a couple of times, and pulled things out from time to time to check. We weren't too concerned with any of the sizing.






became tiny:


The idea with the salvaged sweaters is to cut them up and make something else out of them.

And the bags:


became smaller and fuzzier and lovely:


fuzziness is enhanced by the blurriness of my photo, even after editing it. sorry about that.

hopefully ere long the booga bags will get assembled. not this weekend, though.


  1. I love the felting!! I'm staying tuned to see what you end up making from the sweaters you felted. Isn't felting kind of like magic?


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