catching up

and starting new things. I've just breezed through three knitting podcasts (one Y Knit, one Stash & Burn, and the latest Cast-on) while enjoying my Sunday morning coffee. Which is now Sunday afternoon coffee. I still have 181 podcasts already downloaded (it happens automatically often enough that I can't get through nearly all of the things that are downloaded, and there are hundreds more waiting to be downloaded if I were to every get through what I already have) so clearly listening to a measly three today does not really catch me up.

Other progress... From time to time (when a song is playing on a podcast, or when one ends and before I start something else) I check out some of my crafty bloglines. I'm doing better at catching up there too. It would be nice if I could get that whittled down to under a hundred unread posts. There are certain blogs that I check as soon as they are updated, and others that accumulate a few posts before I get over there and check them all out. That's the way I operate, it would seem. I subscribe to over 40 blogs via Google Reader. Those are just the crafty blogs, now that I mention it. I have a lot of other categories too.... I could do nothing but read blogs and updated websites all day long, but then when would my knitting happen?

I have frogged the satin bamboo Lotus Tank. This yarn just doesn't like needles larger than 3s, it would seem. Last night I swatched (even washed and blocked it, gasp! forgot to take a photo, though) for the Eyelet Chemise (Ravelry link) from IK Summer 06, just a few pages further along in the same issue as the Lotus tank. I had never noticed this pattern before. Yet the Lotus Tank had been something I've intended to knit for ages. I love the shape of the neckline. There I was, loving my bamboo yarn and having a whole cone of it in chocolate brown, and needing something with a slightly smaller gauge. Pop! There was the Eyelet Chemise. The ones I've seen on Ravelry all look lovely, which is always encouraging.


I had to make a decision about the size, though. My gauge swatch came out pretty spot on st wise and just a little off with the row count, which doesn't concern me as much. The two sizes under consideration were 34.5" bust or 38" bust. Being smack in the middle, I thought about how I'd like to wear this cardigan. It'll be lightweight and dainty and most likely worn over a simple tank top. I want it to be more drapey than stretched over my tank though, so I've decided to go up a size. Having a whole cone of satin bamboo at my disposal helps. better a little too big than too small. Of course, if it was too small I would probably be able to finagle a wider edging for the buttons... too late, I've already begun!

The lace pattern is simple but pretty - I love the look of fagoting. I searched to try to find a nice picture to show it to you but I didn't find anything useful - I'll just have to take a closeup shot of my own once it's a little further advanced. I'm into the second rep of the four row lace chart now. Luckily it's going to be memorized soon - as long as I feel confident about the k2togs and ssks and which goes where on which side of the yo's! Make sense now?

260 sts is a long way back and forth. But I love the yarn and I hope this knit is going to be a good one - I'd really like to have another garment OTN - I've been doing smaller projects and accessories and there's nothing like having a new top to look forward to!


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