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I'm all experimentational this morning. trying another way to link a photo from flickr, again because uploading photos twice is a drag. I'm also trying to decide whether or not to give any money to flickr in order to have better photo access, so this might help me decide that it's worth it. I did lose a bunch of mostly crafty photos from last summer, because if they weren't uploaded to flickr before january when my laptop crashed its last crash and they had been deleted from my memory card on my camera, my last photo backup was in early summer when (thank goodness) I burned cds of many many many pictures that I would have been extremely sorry to lose. BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT STUFF, PEOPLE. ok, that's out. I need to take my own advice and just decide that giving 25 big ones to flickr is worth having all my photos backed up, rather than the limitations imposed on a freeloader.

anyway! on to another WIP:


This is the extremely popular free pattern from Black Sheep, the Booga Bag. CK and I bought Patons Classic Merino in lovely variegated colors last fall with plans to knit simple bags to felt this winter. What! Now it's springtime. We're a little behind on the times, but we had other happy things to knit. CK has jewel tones, fuschia, deep purple, chocolate brown, and my 'Retro' colorway is teal, midnight blue, cream, chocolate and just a dab here and there of a deep periwinkle. I can't wait to see how this looks when fulled!

We both wanted to make our bags bigger than the pattern calls for. I decided to cast on 50% more sts and work 50% more garter rows for the base of the bag, accordingly. I checked out the like two thousand examples (ok, 1456 as of this posting, wouldn't want to exaggerate) on Ravelry and was utterly convinced that I want this bag to be a bit bigger than the pattern is written for.

The base is now finished and I'm a few rows into knitting in the round for the sides of the bag. It's nice to see how the colors look now that I'm working st st in the round rather than garter for the bottom. I love having a simple brainless something OTN, don't you? perfect evening knitting.

Oh. I nearly forgot the wildlife portion of this post. I simply wanted to share the fact that yesterday evening I looked out the back window and there were four deer munching on old grass (only recently exposed as spring has only just arrived here) out back. This morning I looked out and in precisely the same spot there were four robins. Their red breasts flashed as they hopped around looking for food as well. Signs of spring!! love it. It was made slightly more amusing by the fact that it is again snowing here. Flurries. I got myself all ready to go for a short jog down the road this morning and stepped outside only to realize it was snowing. Ok, mid-April, already!! The wind is cold. I didn't get far, I don't like running in the first place and running in cold windy snow is really not for me!

enjoy your Sunday and happy knitting!


  1. pretty pretty yarn!

    okay, wait; how have you been posting photos? i just click on mine flickr, choose 'medium size', and copy and paste big link (the one that refers back to flickr per their user agreement). you have to adjust the size of the left-hand 'content' column in your blogger code to get the full width of the photo. i don't remember exactly how wide but if i managed to figure it out, i'm sure you will too. ;)

    happy posting!

  2. I think the money to flickr is worth it, if for nothing else, showing off in Ravelry! Honestly, I do have my own privately run family/photo blog with our very own server and all. But I still use flickr for the Ravelry feature.

  3. check out poictobrowser.com too -- you can super easily make slideshows by pulling images from your flickr. it is sweeeeeeeeeet.

  4. Ok, buying some CD's as soon as I hit "publish". I hope my laptop doesn't crash before then, you've got me paranoid now. Also, love the use of "fulled", just learned this correct term for "felted knitting" and now here I am reading it just a few days later. Malarky! You're always two steps ahead of me.


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