nearly FO: teahouse sling

I made progress on the Teahouse Sling from Vicki Square's Folk Bags this weekend. Here is the first side as I embellished it (totally different from the photo but I wanted to do something less intricate, to be honest):


And the second side, which I went totally freestyle on - for the first side I sort of planned what I was going to do ahead of time but not on this side...


At the time that I took these pictures I had been practicing my three needle bindoff. This was the first time, I believe, that I've done it. My hand was quite cramped from the awkward holding of the needles by the time I reached the end of the bottom seam. It is quite sturdy, which is good. However, I ended up getting extra, unforeseen practice, because once I took the pictures I realized that the little thing that was niggling me about this bag was... the orientation. The whole reason I knit the thing was because it needed to fold at the bottom completely opposite to what I had done, and look a bit more like this:


Ah, yes, that's the one. This way it lies a bit flat under your arm, rather than the pattern being sort of squashed to the side whenever there's anything actually in the bag.

So I got to work my three needle BO twice. Excellent. Here is the opposite side as properly oriented, in case you're curious:


Less exciting, but I like it being all asymmetrical. I even properly blocked this thing, and of course that made it look nice for the photo shoot. I hope to find something nice to line this with and then to try it out as my new spring bag!

In a quick note on my Booga Bag - I've finished knitting with the first of two skeins of the Patons Merino Classic and put the body on a spare cable and started working the 5-6 feet of i-cord with the second skein. Then I can use exactly how much yarn I have to make this bag just how bit it will be. Look at me, all about bags suddenly! There are other things being worked on...just not this weekend.


  1. oooh, what a transformation! i like the embroidery this way too.

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