TTwSS - nearly an FO...

Just trying to get the button placement right and though it was generally a sunny and lovely day, the light went away before I could quite wrap things up. There was enough light though to bind off the back hem and manage the seaming of the sleeves and to attach the big button at the shoulder, and I looooove the way it looks!

Side buttons though at the hip, didn't work out on the first try. And now it is dark and tomorrow is another day! Tonight I will be picking my origami cardi back up, having started the second sleeve a couple of weeks ago. The first looks nice and the color is just the cheery thing to distract from the seven foot high snowbanks round these parts!


  1. Cute!! I can hardly wait to see a photo of you wearing it. :)

  2. ooh, wait are you DONE?

    i ripped back the first sleeve tonight and did some calculating - i'm going to attempt to taper them a bit, and go full-length if my yarn will allow! now we're off to pub trivia but - it's a long weekend!

    lovely photos!


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