a recap of holiday knitting

Since I couldn't post pics of holiday knitting before the actual holidays, and since my computer died right after New Year's, here is a bit of a recap of gifted knitting from this holiday season. We agreed in our little family foursome to do our best to have a homemade Christmas this year--I speak only for myself but I am disgusted lately by the fact that it is so hard to find anything decently constructed and/or affordable that is not made in China. Luckily for me, 2007 was the year of knitting in any case so handmade gifts were easy to whip up. We all did quite well, I was very impressed!

Since this hat was not quite right for the mountain man, I demanded it back and have been making use of it, while planning (and eventually ordering yarn for) a new project that will be better suited and hopefully get some use.

Here we have lovely soft Tudora for CK that was whipped up quickly on a weekend when she was away, and I'm happy to report that she has been making good use of it indeed. This pattern was a perfect treat, and I've been enjoying reading the designer's blog as well, since she lives in Ireland and spring seems to have sprung there already, which is quite encouraging!

For BK there was a cunning plan for me to knit a hat out of Harrisville Highland Tweed picked up at the Halcyon Yarn Showroom in Bath, ME, and CK worked up matching mittens. We each purchased a skein of the pretty, sturdy wool, and things worked out swimmingly. Here's the hat:

I based the hat on this pattern, which is written in Finnish. Clearly I no speakee the Finnish so I just used the photo as a guide since I liked the look of this, and wanted a sailor-type hat.

Lastly for now we have a little trio of Fetching-inspired warmthings; a pair for mom, TT, a pair for my five year old cousin AT, and cabled booties with matching fetching 2x2 cables for the newest addition to our extended family, JET. AT, the little darling, kept her just-right sized fingerless gloves on for half of a recent stay when holiday gifts were finally exchanged.

In case you're wanting to adapt this great pattern to smaller hands, all I did was eliminate ten stitches, that it to say, two of the ribbed sections/cable repeats. Then I worked about 12 straight rows rather than the 18 called for in the pattern to make them a bit shorter, saved 5 sts for the thumb on scrap yarn rather than 7, and had a total of 13 sts for the thumb rather than 17. More details on my Ravelry project page, as well.