Much blogging, I have not been doing, and not much reading of blogs, either. Before my computer imploded I was pretty much caught up with my 30+ crafty blog subscriptions, and now I have almost 400 unread posts. daunting, to say the least. if I don't keep right up with the posts, they just keep piling up!

Luckily, I have been knitting quite a bit instead of reading about it or writing about it. Here are a few January-ish pretties for you:

yet another pair of Fetching, this time with buttons! in mission falls 1824 wool 'Macaw', and sent to Japan to grace Aoi's fingers.

A fun KAL with subliminalrabbit who was quite up for searching out workable yarns on short notice a few weeks ago--and we're both making good progress!! The pattern is Textured Tunic with Side Slits from Stephanie Japel. I love the yarn I ended up with from an ebay seller--this is cascade 128 tweed in 'plum' which is a has flecks of tan, cream and black and is knitting up wonderfully! this photo is slightly outdated, I am on the verge of finishing the front of the tunic and the back shouldn't take long although I see there is some increasing to compensate for rear curvature. This has been a superfast knit, and I love the fabric! I did decide to shorten the length of the box stitch section to only four inches, trying it on frequently and knowing I don't want my chest visually dragged down to my waist.

Here we have another old shot of the sleeve of the IK origami cardigan from summer 2007 in Paton's classic merino 'peacock'. Yesterday I just about finished up knitting the first sleeve. When I cast on for this after the holidays, I started the back only to find that despite swatching, I was not getting gauge for the second size (38.5") and that if I knit the smallest size I am ending up with measurements close to the second size, even though I went down a needle size, and usually I can use the size recommended. That was a bit irksome to figure out. I love the color of this wool and am picturing a nice spring jacket purpose for this piece!

Progress on the Montego Bay scarf, also from Summer 2007 IK.

Finally, the second Tudora I've knit. Love this fast pattern. Found lime green buttons to match my limey green winter coat and used up almost the rest of the Cascade 220 heather I had left over from several other projects.


  1. so many pretties!

    i'm hoping to start the sleeves tonight but i'm getting sick so - it may be straight to bed with me!


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