going radio silent...

disaster strikes...I'm sure this year can't fail to be better than the last but we're starting off with a serious handicap--my laptop crashed and is beyond repair as of this week! it'll be even quieter (if that's possible) on my end for a bit. there will be research, and then shopping, and then a faster nicer shinier computer that hopefully will not clean out my bank account.

happy new year! RIP little blue dell inspiron 300m.


  1. I'm finally catching up on reading your posts only to find out you'll be signing off temporarily. Hope you find the perfect laptop.

  2. oh no! no wonder you haven't responded to my ravelry message this week. i will have to reach for that antiquated mode of communication, the cell phone, and call you later...

    PS -- i am a recent convert -- buy a mac! they have decent deals on refurbished ones. but come and visit portland first ;)


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