Thanksgiving loot!

Before I get carried away with my loot, here is an artist who crafts things out of old knitting needles. Cool!

Now, I got a slice of daylight yesterday and took some pictures. It was tricky, as the 10degree F outdoor temp kept me inside and not a whole lot of light was hitting any clean surface that could serve as a background for my new lovelies. I did my best.

Without further ado, here is my loot! All snuggled and cosy on the day bed.

That's a pretty big score for yours truly. I really haven't been buying any yarn since the summer--I skipped a whole season! Because I went overboard then and I've been working on using some of it up since then. from left to right in the back we have 6 skeins of Patons Merino Classic, 3 cones of Halcyon yarns: Satin Bamboo in M Brown, 3/2 Pearl Cotton in Lt Rust, and Satin Bamboo in Wine. Each weighs about a pound, and the bamboo each have about 1050 yards while the Pearl cotton is about 1200 yards. Enough for three good sized projects and such nice yarns to work with! Next in the back there is a skein of Harrisville Highland Tweed in Blue Loden, very tweedy and nice, destined to become a hat!

In the middle there is a pile of three super soft skeins of Debbie Bliss alpaca silk snapped up at a steep discount also at the Halcyon Yarn showroom in Bath ME. To its right we have another super soft find, Inca Gold 100% alpaca in a gray heather that really called to me. It's sport weight. I haven't seen this before, it is really pretty. Gift yarn. If I can bear it. The stripy-ness on the right is more Patons Merino Classic in 'Retro'. That'll be a felted bag project for after the holidays with CK. Nice!

And in the very front there is this:

Celestial Merino Dream sockweight 100g in 'Bittersweet Chocolate'. It looks way more purply in this shot than it really is, it was so tough to photograph in the cold winter light! I couldn't leave the Loop Craft Cafe without it. (I hit up a Halifax knit night while in town for the two nights, it was great! They were having one day only, 15% off sock yarn sale...) In real life this skein is dark bitter chocolate brown and almost black and super deep purple, with the slightest hint in one or two spots of a dark periwinkle-gray. Love it. I was sold when I found out the dyer is local artist Lucy Neatby, who lives across the bay in Dartmouth. Well, actually they're her colors but are dyed up locally by someone who follows directions well. I realized that later. But it's still gorgeous yarn and a great trip souvenir!

I love the Satin Bamboo, that's what I knit my Intolerable Cruelty out of. It's so nice to work with, but a pain to pay to ship! That's why I had to go and get it myself.

One last closeup of the Patons 'Retro' Merino. The colors are so fun! There is a good sized felted back just waiting to happen in there.

Back to holiday knits. They aren't going to just knit themselves you know!

One last thing--I put in a few hours at the library yesterday and someone returned a Christmas Crafts Book (old fashioned and full of projects that would take a year to finish, like a super complicated blanket with a hundred different yarns and embroidered Santa's faces or something) plus Iris Schrier's Exquisite Little Knits. I shelved everything else on the cart, and kept that one to flip through. Turned off as I was by the fluffy ribbon yarns and things I was intrigued by patterns written for cashmere etc, and I was almost thinking about checking it out for myself when someone else came along and while I was checking out her audio books she spotted it. She was a knitter. She wanted it. I gave it to her. Charitable act for the day. Plus I'm in there on a weekly basis and when it comes back I will get it. Plus plus plus I am already in the middle of a bunch of projects without enough time to finish them! And I don't knit with eyelash sequin yarn.

[PS Just as I was finishing up that last paragraph and about to publish this post, Firefox quit. It has been doing that a lot lately but what with google being so good about saving automatically I have not had that heart-skipping-a-beat sensation of losing a long email or blog post for some time. My heart skipped a beat this time, as it was so sudden that Firefox failed me, and I was afraid blogger hadn't autosaved since I'd pounded out the last paragraph...

It was all there!!! hooray for autosave!!]


  1. oooo -- there's just something about a big fat cone of yarn -- like a box of truffles in a king-size bed with a down comforter and seven pillows, you can just want to stay all day. And I love the color of the silk bamboo you got!


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