fetching fours

It has been four hours since I wove in the last end and photographed my fourth pair of Fetching fingerless mitts to post on Ravelry (as I found that link I realized this was actually my fifth pair!!)

I think they look like they're discussing the contents of the bookshelf. Or maybe just waving after a bit of time separated in different areas of the living room, one in the WIP box and the other on the table waiting to be picked up again.

Having gone out for a chilly walk (it's 10F in the sun here currently, coldest day so far) and come back, and gotten out all my Thanksgiving trip loot yarn to photograph while the sun is above the horizon I logged back into Ravelry and already there are two newer pairs of Fetching than mine. What a pattern. Ravelry lists 2706 projects, with another 1200 or so queued up and waiting in the wings.

Gotta love it. Going to grab the sun while it's out and post more about yarn soon!


  1. pretty pretty! now, what do you DO with all of these fetchings? gifts?

    see you in - 20ish days!

  2. I heart fetching! I've made two pairs... although I'm naughty, and still have yet to weave the ends in. Right now I'm working on a sweater for dulce adapted from fetching so she can be a warm little hot dog.


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