lego knitting machine

I got sort of hyp'knit'ized by this.

Sleeve cap progress is being made on the Lace Leaf Pullover! Took out Pride and Prejudice (had choice of Colin Firth version or Keira Knightly version and went for the latter...having seen the former many many times) from the library earlier, have tea made, have plans to finish sleeves tonight and block them immediately and hopefully seam them tomorrow!! Also I finally have a couple of pictures of me wearing Josephine so I'll be downloading those this weekend and posting them too. Yay crafty weekend time!


  1. hmm, i actually OWN both of those versions of p&p on dvd. i'm sure that signifies something. actually, the real signifier is my ability to watch all 6 hours of the colin firth version in a single weekend.


  2. Love me some P&P. Both versions are fabulous for different reasons. But Colin.. OH my yes. :)

    That lego knitting machine is mesmerizing.


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