bite it, sleeve cap.

Despite doing copious amounts of math today at work (are your taxes due tomorrow?) I broke down tonight and finally did the math for the lace leaf pullover sleeve caps. What with my yarn, needle size, and gauge being completely different from the pattern, I spotted the sleeve cap tutorial ("perfect bell shaped sleeve caps every freaking time") in the new holiday IK a week or two ago when the latest issue arrived in my mailbox, and thought, great! I'll do the math, and get a perfect sleeve cap. Folks, the Pythagorean theorem was involved. say no more.

I did the math.

I dug out a decent pencil. Sharpened it. Found graph paper at the bottom of the stationary section of my so-called desk. Remembered that I love graph paper.

I graphed the sleeve cap.

I agonized over using an even or odd number of stitches, as, looking at the top of my almost-completed-sleeve, I noticed I'd increased one extra time at the top on one edge and not the other; I think at the time I was going for an odd number of stitches total since I had 7 stitches at the top edge to match up with, and I wanted to decrease an even number of sts each side of that center stripe. A testament to my abilities with a crochet hook and laddered stitches, I dropped a stitch on the other side and did a kfb increase four rows back. The sts were a little tight, but it worked. that's a first.

Of course, second glass of wine down the hatch (why won't I ever learn?) I forgot to bind off four stitches each side before really getting started with my graphed chart and the every other row decreases (x 12 or so) and wondered why my sleeve was still so wide....luckily the great thing about the KP Cadena I'm using is that it can be ripped back and the stitches picked up perfectly in line with no tinking and no laddering. It just stays where I want it till I get the 10.5 size needle poked back through. Backed up to the appropriate point four rows back or so and bound off those silly stitches. Now I'm really on track. I think it just might be this weekend that I could have a FO. If I could just get these sleeves finished up and block the pieces Friday night.... Saturday afternoon or Sunday all I would have to do is set in the sleeves and it would be ready to keep me warm.

winter weather advisory tomorrow night, possible 6 inches of snow/slush! And tonight getting home at 6 in the dark it was 55 degrees. What is that about? happy knitting!


  1. from the subject of your post i thought you were giving up on the sweater altogether! here's hoping for an FO this weekend!


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