where am I?

Time is a-flyin... it has turned grey and wet here--I wish I could send some moisture to the south-west coast, ack.

I thought I would get around to photographing WIPs, yarn acquisition, and even a new FO. but there is no nice light available these days and when I get home it is dark. Transitional time of year. just as a quick update before I return to work to use up the daylight hours earning rent, so let me tell you, I'm re-knitting the first sleeve on the Lace Leaf Pullover, and it's going to be comfy-sized rather than tight now, which I'm sure I'll be glad about later even though currently it seems too loose. Also on the Back to School U-neck vest I am up to the waffle stitch upper body and have put it down since the weekend because over that two day chunk of knitting time I managed to screw up the darts and though I searched Ravelry and searched online for others who had trouble witht the lifted increases (new to me), it seems like this was no trouble for others. gahhh. I need to go back and possibly switch to another increase to avoide screwing up the waffle stitch pattern. Just haven't had the time yet.

Last Wed CK and I made it to Kaleidescope Yarns for the first, time, lovely place! We were hunting for some purple yarn for Christmas gift and ended up picking up two skeins of Cascade 220 heathers in a lovely dark aubergine type color. First time to work with Cascade for me! I also found two IK issues from last year, before I started subscribing, with patterns I have been coveting!! More on that asap, my morning computer time is running out.

But the FO! is the fugly cat bed for McK the visiting kitty. It looks like a crocheted rainbow frisbee but we'll see what happens next time McK comes along for a nap. CK says it's only half as big as he is, so that should be interesting. even if he just sprawls on it and sort of contains the shedding cat fur a bit, I'd be pleased. we'll see. we also just picked up a new matching daybed ensemble so I wouldn't be surprised if he'd prefer to shed all over that first.

pictures of these things to come--had to recharge my camera battery and now am waiting for the sun to show her face. have a great day!


  1. yay, it's lovely to see you up and posting again!

    have a wonderful lunch with beige this week - i can't believe i'm about to lose her. what will i do?! she is completely and utterly irreplacable to me. *sniff*


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