McK's kitty bed is a new FO

Well, not so new. Maybe... a week ago?

This is McK the visiting kitty. On the new daybed matching ensemble and the very not-matching rainbow pastel ugliness yarn that I decided to dedicate to the visiting kitty. Who is very nice and purrs generously and curls up for a snuggly nap whenever I'm home long enough.

He looks a little drugged so I think he likes it. It's not big enough for him but I think he understands that it's for him and he can sort of half lay on it and be happy. We'll see how that works out. He's sort of locked up now that it's colder out and he wouldn't be happy all day long in the cold with no one to let him in. He might be around a bit more and trying to come in my door on the weekend if my landlord is around too.

In other crafting news..................where to begin? No pictures till the weekend but the first sleeve of the Lace Leaf Pullover has been reknitted and is a nice size and just about right to fit into the armholes (yay) so I've started the second sleeve....two rows in to the leaf chart pattern only to realize I left the pattern in my other home last weekend. Can't get it back till this weekend.


U-neck vest. Have abandoned lifted increase dart shaping in favor of make-1 increases. Yeah. I tried the lifted ones, they didn't look pretty, I looked at everyone and their mother on Ravelry who has knitted this thing and thought, well, either people aren't having this problem or they are changing the increase to something more comfortable. So I ripped back and did that too. Ran out of yarn in my second home over the weekend (totally never though to throw in another ball, who does that?) so had to put that down and work on the am in opposite position of being able to work on the waffle stitch and dart shaping with plenty of yarn but not having the pattern to do up the sleeves for the pullover. And it is so pullover weather. Oh well...

In additional crafty news I got the most amazing craftastic package yesterday and I can't wait for good light to take pictures and detail my happiness when it comes to the goodness that the postman was holding for me!! Thanks to subliminalrabbit!! You rock!!


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