Lace Leaf Pullover / U-Neck Vest WIPs

Lace Leaf Pullover update:
this sweater is mostly knit, but it's going to take more work than I was hoping for. I ended up using size 11 needles rather than the 13s because I liked the fabric better in the swatch. I've been doing math every step of the way to accommodate for that choice. Now I am forcing myself to admit that even with the extra sts the sleeves are too small--I knit them after knitting the bottom section first--because after knitting the top and reconnecting under the armholes I had to admit that the armholes are MUCH bigger than the sleeves and there is just not enough sleeve to go in there! As the sleeves would be well fitted and the sweater would be nicer (and I have the yarn) as a looser pullover, I am thinking of frogging the sleeves and reknitting them a bit wider. At least the weather is so warm in the NE I don't need any sweaters yet!! I'll try to fix this thing this weekend.
Meanwhile, while I've been in denial about continuing the math practice that is my Lace Leaf Pullover, I needed to cast on a new project as I had nothing simple that suited itself to watching the incroyable 5 disc Discovery channel 'Planet Earth' DVD series in the evening with one's second glass of chianti in hand (who am I kidding, you can't knit while watching this amazing DVD set! too many cute bear cubs and things!). I've been waiting for the right moment to cast on for Stephanie Japel's Back-to-School U-neck Vest from Fitted Knits. I did do a bit of tipsy swatching in the last week, and here we are with the first rows, knit last night:

I picked up the Mission Falls 1824 wool half price in August, finally cast on a couple of nights ago and it will be a super quick knit if I just spend the time on it! I swatched on 7s, as the pattern calls for, but got closer to gauge on 8s and decided to knit a slightly smaller size (35.5) than I think I'll want in the end to make up for that extra quarter inch I'll gain every four inches of knitting. Should work out to a 37, we'll see!

Again with the math, what am I, a glutton?! At least this time I'm very close in gauge and am adjusting by knitting a different size that should come out to my size, rather than adjusting every darn step of the way. Happy knitting!


  1. bryan thinks i'm crazy for doing so much math during my 'fun time'. i think you should totally redo the sleeves because it's such a pretty pullover and you're right, would be best a bit loose. maths!

    speaking of which - i bought righetti's sweater design in plain english this week. i have plans. oh, do i have plans...

    miss you!


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