kitty bed WIP

In which I occasionally break out a crochet hook without needing it to pick up a dropped knit stitch.

My landlord's pretty ginger kitty likes to come in and visit when I get home from work earlier than my landlord. He rubs his face all over my packing boxes (new apartment 9/07) and whatever is new to him, then makes his way upstairs and curls up on my bed for a nap. he likes to push my pjs/blankets around with his not-declawed paws so I'd prefer he had his own little bed to curl up in! This is the ugliest cotton I have, I must have gotten it really cheap because I just don't know what I was thinking!! I'm just going to sort of spiral around and then stop increasing when it seems to be big enough for him--he's pretty big and likes to stretch out and roll around with his tummy exposed so I might just end up using up this ball of fugly cotton. yay!

In other non-illustrated knitting news, I busted out some concentration last night and frogged back the too-big armholes of my Lace Leaf Pullover, figured out where the armholes should end (this section is worked top down from the neck, divided for front and back, then rejoined for under the arm scythes) by trying it on over and over as well as comparing it to a couple of sweaters I have that fit. This time it is much better, well worth the work and effort, and the top part fits nicely now. I haven't compared the snug sleeves to the new armhole opening but I think I'll be happier (and smell better) if I suck it up and reknit the sleeves anyway to be looser and wider, especially at the cuffs, which would currently be fitted to my already-somewhat-skinny wrists. I do want to make sure to figure out just about how many stitches I want to end up with to fit into the armholes before I frog the sleeves--I'll be sensible and frog those one at a time for comparison purposes, natch.

That was my big effort of last night, but Friday night and yesterday during the day I made some good progress on the U-neck vest. The real color is more sea-green than this shows.

Super easy, super fast. Yet I look at the photos on Ravelry and think, mmmmm, needs mods. Everyone who models it looks like their assets are really emphasized, and squished together into one big lump. Hmm, not flattering. Projects that are not modelled look bizarre because the ribbing pulls in the lower section so much and then the top part blooms out like a mushroom. I like the pattern and I think I will like the vest, but I am either going to chang the neckline to be even more squared off, come up higher like a boatneck, or at least make the top straps thinner. They're downright chunky and that just doesn't help my narrow shoulders. Harrumph! More math this way comes...

I also seem to be seriously considering finally getting a sample pack from ColourMart, something I have been thinking about for so long... they have many pretty yarns and I love the idea of a sweater-worth of yarn on one cone!! But I am nervous about the oils on the yarn, and it would be great to do a sample first. It's not like it'll break the bank, $4 on their site or $5 on their ebay store (I think they charge a dollar extra because you get another comment/rating, and too many people are doing that), I just want to look through the yarns and request a few specific types to make sure I get samples of stuff I'm considering ordering anyway.
Off to be productive!


  1. that is some pastel baby yarn there, all right! maybe you bought it with someone's baby in mind? someone who really likes pastel? well, it'll be a nice kitty bed. i love that you have a surrogate pet!

    *love* ravelry. love looking at projects people have finished that i'm considering so that i know what i might need to change if i knit it up myself. great mod ideas for the u-neck vest!

  2. I highly recommend the Colourmart sample pack. I got one a while back, and it was one big swatch party. It was neat to see how the yarns changed after washing, also. I think you can request samples of a few yarns you are considering, in addition to the already generous samples he offers. There was enough of one pinkish cashmere for me to be able to knit an earwarmer/headband for my little Ruby!


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