Urchin progress / Ravelry improvements

I am often amazed at the new and excellent features Ravelry keeps incorporating into the site--two weeks ago I squee'd when they added mini progress bars to the projects page for one's WIP's, and it looks like just today they've added a little feature that tells you how many times a project has been viewed. it's not retroactive, unfortunately, someone must have just thought it would be nice to start keeping track of how many times things are being looked at, which I can understand would be impossible to make retroactive since you would have needed to track it from the start. I know it's not retroactive, for example, because a bunch of people have commented and marked as a favorite my Intolerable Cruelty (19 people love it, but who's counting?) but it says it has only been looked at 1 time. It will be neat to see this feature catch up with itself in a way.

Someone beat me to a finished Urchin beret already! I checked last night and it was in a bunch of queues but no one had officially started the project yet; this morning one person had 'cast on' and this afternoon there are two official projects and one of them is done already! Mine is half finished, and I haven't had the chance to just plug away at it, in which case it would be done because it is a super quick pattern on big needles, but I just checked and someone has posted a picture of their finished one! I still hope to finish mine this weekend. No picture yet. Hey, it's a quick project, I'm hoping to just finish it and take a picture rather than waste the potential knitting time digging out my camera, hooking it up, downloading to my computer, fixing it in Picasa2, uploading to flickr, and posting to Ravelry. Too many steps, people.

(yes, I am addicted to Ravelry. No, I haven't logged in to Myspace this month. Or last month. Ok, maybe I did once.) back to the knitting!