so behind

What can I say? it has been weeks (it seems) since I've been able to reply to emails--this week I have even gone a day or two without checking my email. My rss reader is borderline triple digits on unread knitting blog posts, let along the (literally) thousands of news reader feeds and such that have gone unread for, oh, about the past three months. I'm moving into a new apartment tomorrow. started two new jobs on Tuesday. Can't wait to see the new Knitty. my first carload will be bins of yarn and crafty stuff. ok, and maybe a cooler with food for the fridge. I've never done such a close move before, where I only have to drive an hour to get to my new place. Usually it's coast to coast or across the ocean. Josephine is well-blocked (let's call her bone dry by now) downstairs but I'll be darned if I can find five minutes (right, three hours) to seam her. Poor dear, she's really lovely, wait till you see. I did manage to bind off the three hundred (300!) stitches of the empire waist tie piece this morning on my (soon to be obliterated) hour long commute this morning.

I wish I had fresh pictures for you but I just don't. Good news is, Verizon hooked up my new phone line today and delivered my modem to my new place so it was waiting when I arrived to do the walk through and sign the lease, as well as the check. I'll try to hook it up asap and use the moving in time and unpacking hours to catch up on podcasts!! Specifically knitting ones, though as I was writing a new pattern on Labor Day (good use of an extra weekend day!!) I did enjoy the NPR all-songs-considered podcast, as a knitting one would surely have screwed me right up. thanks for bearing with me!