Snakeskin cuff / Ravelry

I seem to have managed to forget to post this nice picture. I am so wrapped up in Ravelry that I forget that I started this blog and maybe there are non-Ravelry people who are interested as well. I remember reading someone's comment in their Ravelry profile that if Ravelry had existed sooner they would not have started a crafting blog. Sounds like someone else I know...

Here is the Snakeskin cuff I designed, using a stitch pattern out of the Vogue Stitchionary Volume 1. It came out pretty nicely, I'm pleased.

The other piece of news I wanted to share (becuase I couldn't find an appropriate place on the Ravelry forums!!) is that I logged in today to look at Teva Durham's Lace Leaf Pullover pattern and the 51 people who've knit it, in case I could find someone's notes on knitting it in Knitpicks Sierra (now Cadena) and whether they went down a needle size because I tried to cast on last night in the size 13's I ordered just for the project and my gauge is a little small, plus the fabric looks too loose and I'd rather try it on smaller needles. Before bed I swatched on 11's, which is the largest needle size the ball band recommends anyway, and it looks much better. Still getting 3 sts/inch rather than 2.5 as the pattern calls for, so clearly I need to work some math, cast on more stitches and get this thing to fit and look nice. Went on Ravelry looking for tips (here I come to my point!) and there is an awesome new feature on the projects page--PROGRESS BARS! after my fussing about with the bars on the right here to show off how far along I am with various things, Ravelry has put that into place for one's WIPs. I actually squealed out loud. yay!