Josephine top and podcast kismet

Here's Josephine. Isn't she lovely?

I'm calling her my Sunset Jo. I cast on on Saturday, July 28th, after showing off my swatch at the LYS. The yarn is working up beautifully. I did find after knitting a repeat of the lace section (smallest size) that it was too wide, it stretched more than when I swatched, so I frogged that evening and cast on and knit the first section on Sunday.

As of today I've done four repeats of the pattern, so we're up to maybe 9 inches. I've done the two sets of decreases in the rib sections. It still looks lovely! This yarn turns my fingers yellow though...depending on how hot it is and if my hands are sweating slightly. I still love it. I will just have to be careful when I wash it!!

I have so many things on the go right now, I could spend all day knitting, it is ridiculous! Time to tear myself off of Ravelry and blogging and all that and go get some exercise. I must not knit all the time. I must not knit all the time. Oh! The kismet part of this post.

I was listening to the last Lime and Violet podcast that I had not listened to yet, which happened to be number 20. I am now completely up to date, having listened to all their archives. I've been listening to them all over the period of the last three months or so. The song featured at the end is about the 'boob fairy' because of Miss V's medical troubles at the time of the taping. Just before I started this post I started listening to an old Cast On episode--number 8, from a year and a half ago (I started listening to Brenda maybe 6 weeks ago, and have listened to a number of the most recent episodes but am now listening to older ones in order if there's not a new one available) and what song should BD put in the middle of the episode? The same boob fairy song!!
What the heck are the odds of that? I laughed out loud again, it's such a funny song, about how we all get visited by different fairies, or not... thigh fairies, hair fairies, boob fairies... Some of them might even get 'obsessed' with us, while others never pay a visit no matter how much we hope and wish and wait... personally I'm wishing the 'flat stomach fairy' might decide to grace me with her presence. Where was I? oh, yes, going to exercise. Pilates DVD, here I come!


  1. josephine is beautiful. you know, your previous post has inspired me. i'm totally ripping & frogging the pink hoodie and knitting a berroco pattern with the yarn! (the first shirt i ever knit was a berroco pattern - did i tell you that?)

    first i need to finish laura's sweater though!


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