Josephine glows

Much progress has been made on my Josephine top, thanks to a lot of knitting time on a road trip to Ottawa last weekend.

That's the back. I've also managed about three lace repeats on the front at this point. I'm really pleased with the color and the laceweight is lasting really well, it looks like I'll be ok for yardage! (I say that now but...)

And I found a nice use for a bit of the Yarn Pirate Booty Club Rum Runner colorway that was sent to me in July. Baby Booties for my cousin. This adorable pattern is free and worked a treat! It has been a very popular pattern, judging by Ravelry's database.

I had to take a picture of the booties by my aunt and uncle's frog pond. Because these booties are definitely not going in the frog pond. They turned out great. And mom-to-be was thrilled.

Yes, the big frog is fake. But the four little ones behind it are for real. The frogs at this little pond are hilarious. They all look stoned. They're like so zoned out and relaxed near the little trickling water source and lilypads, they hardly move all day during the summer.
Yes, the buttons don't match. We thought that was cuter. These knit up super fast, one each in the two evenings before we hit the road, and the little button loops fixed up in the car on the way up.