progress bar progress

Very exciting! A kind reader has helped me out with some code for making my progress bars on the right all pretty and normal looking again and I won't have to rely on a useless outside hosting service that kept messing up the images.

So bear with me while I straighten up the untidiness that is my blog and thanks for visiting! I can see from the world map that I've had a few people from unexpected places and that is fun! Please feel free to comment on anything you see here and if you're on Ravelry definitely drop by and visit! I am spending way too much time there these days but c'est la vie.

Oh yes, and here's a new project, similar to the Dragon Scales cuff in the previous post... a Snakeskin cuff. Honestly, get yourself some number 5 Perle cotton and size one needles and try out an interesting texture or lace motif in a cuff sort of width and you can have a new piece of funky jewellery in just a few hours!


  1. Would you mind sending me the code? I am on Ravelry as asara217.


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