Ahhhhh. That's so much better! I've added some pretty progress bars for current wips and also fo's and put up a few links to members of the community I'm into, and suddenly things are looking much better! I still want to create a section for places I find supplies etc, and you know, before you know it this will look just like any other reasonably well maintained crafty blog. I'll have to think about how I can make it different. Baaaaaaa.


  1. you have an ETSY shop?! okay, super-jealously in awe. i have been very non-crafty since bryan left for choate but i just bought myself a rotary knife and nice quilting ruler (which will likely never be used for quilting) so i need to get my act in gear. after i finish my organic chemistry book. ><

  2. I was glad to help! The blog looks great.


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