handpainted yarn yumminess

falling...falling...oopsidaisy. I seem to have fallen down hard. This is only the beginning. Meet 'Stonechat' laceweight:


Here we have 'Rich Earth':
And this gorgeous one was actually an afterthought. A very good afterthought. 'Whale Road'. Don't ask me.

So I've been keeping an eye on Handpaintedyarn.com for quite awhile and they never seemed to have enough to make me put in an order. They'd just have one or two colors I liked enough to think about ordering. Patience is a virtue, however. When they update, there are tons of beautiful things, and you have to act fast. I acted fast. I figured out that I could get 7 skeins before the shipping would go up and raise the cost per skein an uncomfortable amount. So I have two of each except Stonechat, because they only had one remaining.

It takes half an hour to wind one ball. um, yikes. Thank goodness I finally got the ballwinder I've been wanting!! There is more yarn yumminess and pictures of WIPs to come... thinking about heating up my coffee and winding one more ball for today... I'd like to swatch two strands together to see if I can get 850 yards of something closer to fingering weight, which could become a lovely light fall top.