my triumph: the hush-hush.

In terms of the time required and sheer massiveness of project, this is the big one for me so far. A lime-green hush-hush. Luckily naptimes for my little ward at the time provided the much
needed knitting hours and I was able to wrap the whole thing up in about three months rather than three years. It's 3/2 pearl cotton on size 3 needles! I especially enjoyed the fact that there was almost no finishing involved. the whole thing is knit bottom up through the straps and then you just have to attach the straps at the back to the main piece. My friends at SnB Berkeley snapped the photos for me right after I finished it in June 2005, and sadly it has been living in a drawer at home while I've been working abroad until recently. It did make a holiday outing to the local Vermont pub down the road when I met up with high school friends--a friend in the UK had sent a package received right after Christmas which included some fabulous hot pink ribbons as decoration--one of them was just perfect to go through the eyelet holes below the bust. So I wore my hush out over jeans and under a black jacket (seasonal considerations!) with that sassy pink bow tied in the front. I'll try to get a picture of that on sometime!